About Us

Located between Philadelphia and Allentown, Pennsylvania in the town of Perkasie is where DARIA METAL FABRICATORS calls home. Within a 35,000 square foot facility is one of the industries leading precision sheet metal fabricators.

Using state of the art equipment including Automated Lasers, punch/laser combination machines and press brakes with 6 axis multi-bend CNC backgauges along with solid delivery and extremely high quality standards is why DARIA stands out above the competition. Our lasers and punch press machines are each married to automated loaders/unloaders and are designed to run in "Lights Out" mode 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

DARIA is designed as a job shop, specializing in 1 pc. protoyping to 100,000 piece production runs using steel, aluminum, stainless, brass and copper sheet. Customer parts can be delivered complete, including plating, anodizing, wet paint or powder coat and silkscreening. Average lead times are 2-4 weeks. DARIA prides itself on it's capability to deliver 100% defect-free parts on time!
Each part is sent through various stages of documented in-process and final inspection quality control to guarantee that every detail of your part has been checked and approved. DARIA has implemented programs for blanket ordering, JIT and KANBAN delivery systems that can be refined to work for you.  We are working for YOU, our Customer.


This is the promise that we make to all of our customers. This has been the foundation of our business from day one.  It will continue and gather strength without fail!